Ivana Novelin. call me Ivana.
I'm sixteen years old who live in Surabaya,East Java. 
Started blogging since 2011 but active in blogger again since March 2012.
I'm a day-dreamer and want to reach my 'high dream' to be a model & business woman.
someone told me.. if you want it you must to get it,great! 
I'm the owner of Clicky Closette 
Addicted with high heels and bags since Senior High School *ups*
in love with some brand like Dior,Prada,YSL,Miu Miu,Celine and my favorite one is Christian Louboutin.
I love wearing clothes that make me so comfortable. I'm just wear it with my mood! 

Why i choose Red Stilletoes?
Because I love Red.. They are my favorite color since i was kid..
I selected that color because it is engaging, flirtatious, memorable and the color of passion..
and i love Stilletto.. some of my heels are stilletto and stilletto make your legs more thin and sexy.

more Questions? 
email me ivananovelin@yahoo.com

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